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TROX understands the art of competently handling air like no other company. Since its foundation in 1951, TROX has been developing and manufacturing sophisticated components, units and systems for ventilation and air conditioning as well as for fire and smoke protection. Dedicated research and development have made TROX a global leader of innovation in these fields. Application-oriented solutions for laboratories Ventilation and air conditioning in laboratories have to meet specific, extremely stringent safety requirements since their purpose is to protect the people working in these labs. TROX provides bespoke solutions that set new standards for research facilities and laboratories all over the world:

  • For all types of laboratories, whether chemical, pharmaceutical, biological or medical, for ATEX areas and for related areas such as storage rooms for solvents, chemicals or compressed gas cylinders.
  • For all safety levels: Biosafety level BSL 1–4.
  • With adjustable, flexible solutions, be it a stand-alone system for a small lab or a solution for a large laboratory with many rooms and a large number of fume cupboards and workbenches that are connected by a bus system.