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At HOK, we believe great environments inspire great scientific discovery. As a global provider of design services for the built environment, we manage the planning, design, and construction process for every project type in every part of the world. Since our founding in 1955, HOK has grown into a firm of nearly 1,800 employees linked across a global network of 23 office locations. HOK’s research facility and laboratory planning specialists create pioneering projects that advance innovative scientific discovery in buildings of every shape and size. Tapping into the minds of scientists, we translate each client’s vision into the built form. By blending technical thought leadership with design excellence and engaging clients in every step of the process, we produce adaptable, sustainable facilities designed from the inside-out and the outside-in. Our client-focused approach to research facility programming, lab planning, design and delivery promotes a symbiotic relationship between clients and design teams. Our flexible design solutions put the science experience at the forefront in facilities for research organizations with unique missions and workplace needs.