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Excellence4Lab is a cooperation of four independent companies, all of them leading manufacturers in a particular area of the lab. Actively involved in international working groups, Excellence4Lab develops innovative and sustainable solutions together with the end users to meet the challenges of 21st century laboratories.

FRIATEC specializes in the manufacture of laboratory benchtops and sinks made of Technical Ceramics – a material hallmarked by its extreme resilience to chemicals, scratches and temperature, its sustainability as well as lasting good looks. The easy-to-clean worktops are available in a wide range of glaze colors and are produced in exact accordance with the individual needs of each laboratory. FRIATEC also has years of experience in decentralized waste-air treatment at the laboratory fume cupboard itself as well as neutralization of acid and alkaline waste-water directly at the source of emission. BROEN-LAB develops, manufactures and sells Laboratory Fittings, Emergency Shower Systems and Eye Wash Systems into a broad spectrum of laboratories and industrial locations; sectors include Pharmaceutical, Food & Beverage and Educational. For over 50 years our products have been integrated into a wide variety of workplaces, laboratories, hospitals and industrial locations, with features that are assessed and designed to be flexible, durable and compliant offering a broad range of options tailored to each location.