Ana de la Riva

Ana de la Riva, R&D Innovation Manager, Industrial Engineer, Speciality in Chemistry, has six years of project design and management experience with both public and private sector companies worldwide, working across the pharmaceutical, education, healthcare, chemical and food sectors among others. At present, she is head of R&D Innovation at Burdinola, and previously was responsible for the Technical Design and Project Management Department. Ana has specialized training in the fields of Environmental Management, Project Management (PMP) and Safety & Hygiene Techniques in laboratory environments. An expert in fume cupboards, Ana is member accredited by AENOR in the Spanish Association for Certification and Normalization of CEN/TC332/WG4, the European standardization group for fume cupboards and other extraction equipment.

Burdinola is a recognized international company specialized in the management and integral development of laboratory projects. It is a founding member of the European Association for Sustainable Laboratories (EGNATON). In this group, the company works actively in concepts such as the architecture of the laboratories of the future and laboratory facilities or reduction of energy consumption, among other lines of work. The commitment to the safety of the installations and professional users is the company’s hallmark. Safety, from preliminary studies of risk identification and space design to equipment and installations, guides the laboratory creation process.

An example of the company’s philosophy and discipline is our active participation in forums and associations where international standards are established such as the European Committee for Standardization (CEN). In 1985, the company assumed Spanish representation in the field of laboratories in general and fume cupboards in particular for CEN. Another membership is with the Scientific Equipment and Furniture Association (SEFA). Burdinola is a pioneer in the application of sustainable criteria to the design and development of products, being members of the European Association of Sustainable Laboratory Technologies Foundation (EGNATON) and following Cradle to Cradle, PEFC and EPD programs.