Adrian Gainer

Vice President, Regional Leader of Science +Technology, London

Adrian Gainer has nearly 30 years’ experience designing and delivering research facilities in the US, Europe and the Far East for Higher Education, Biotech, Corporate and Pharmaceutical Sciences. Adrian is a keen advocate of a research-led design and a thought leadership approach to designing for science. His belief that the built environment has a significant role to play in the productivity and success of a science research facility is grounded in properly meeting the needs and aspirations of all user groups.

His interest in how best to support scientific innovation, skills and growth across the sciences in the UK and Europe means he is always seeking ways to help create investment frameworks and how to best develop the environments within which research science can flourish.

Adrian recently conducted a research project that examined different national and cultural approaches to research facility design ranging from single departmental buildings to multi-disciplinary institute—generating the type of data that can add real value for clients.