Safety and Sustainability: The Right Balance for the Laboratory Design

Thursday, September 21, 3:30 - 4:30 PM

This presentation will focus on the impact in lab planning projects of the extraction devices and the opportunities to increase safety and protect people working in the laboratory from harmful effects of chemical and/or physical processes that operate within these extraction devices, especially fume cupboards. Energy efficiency has improved dramatically with systematic testing of laboratory fume cupboards for more than 30 years, their performance, and through the containment of fume cupboards and ambient conditions.

Discussion points include:

  • International regulations

  • Planning strategies

  • Spatial and temporary requirements of ventilation systems

  • Influence of the air supply

  • Sustainable operation versus safety strategies

  • Commissioning: Type test and on-site testing

  • Training and operation issues

Safety and sustainability—in the right balance for the design of the laboratory—are essential tools for a great quality project.