The Healthy Lab

Wednesday, September 20, 10:15 - 11:15 AM

Speaker(s): Adrian Gainer

Current statistics indicate that as much as a large percentage of a building’s costs are related to the people who live, work, shop and play in buildings, while the remaining percentage is being spent on infrastructure and IT-related costs. HOK is pioneering the development of a Healthy Lab model by looking at a number of ideas behind health, wellness and well-being and how they might be applied to the design of research laboratories. HOK is embracing this opportunity and unique responsibility as one of the world’s most influential design firms to advance health and wellness design awareness, proficiency and innovation for the scientific workplace.

This session will take stock of a variety of opinions within the scientific community and set up a number of challenges that must be addressed when considering the Healthy Lab model within the context of the scientific workplace. This includes developing solutions to enhance aesthetic goals while focusing on health and well-being to promote both occupant wellness and scientific productivity.