Keynote: Laboratory Design and R&D Magazine's 2017 Laboratory of the Year

Panel Discussion: Designing the Francis Crick Institute

Thursday, September 21, 9:00 - 10:00 AM

Breaking with traditional governance and tenure structures in research institutions, the Francis Crick Institute represents a major paradigm shift for biomedical research in the UK and the global research community. 

A visionary group composed of a UK government funding agency, two charities and three leading universities came together to form the Francis Crick Institute: Europe’s single largest and most ambitious biomedical research facility. They shared a vision for reshaping the future of biomedical research in the UK through a strong commitment to translational research and supporting the next generation research leader.

The Crick’s overarching strategy—Discovery without Boundaries—emphasizes the importance of collaboration and a culture of sharing. Multidisciplinary and interactive environments enable this strategy, grounded in a facility that can flex to meet the Institute’s needs now and well into the future.

Panelists Bill Odell, Randy Kray of HOK, and Jorge Santos of Flores Valles, will take the audience through an armchair tour of the award-winning Francis Crick Institute, outlining the 5 Strategic Priorities that became drivers for the design.  The panel will address design and forward-thinking scientific workplace strategies down to detailed casework design and then open the discussion up to questions from the audience.