Energy-Efficient HVAC Design for Laboratories

Wednesday, September 20, 3:30 - 4:30 PM

Laboratories are energy-intensive facilities. They have five to ten times the energy usage intensity of a typical office building, due primarily to high exhaust requirements and large equipment loads. Designing and operating energy efficient laboratories presents many challenges. This presentation will discuss strategies for designing and operating high-performance, energy efficient laboratories. Topics will include reduction of air flow, reduction of cooling loads, reduction of air exhausted by fume hoods and other exhaust sources, and reduction of required air change rates. Additional strategies for discussion include demand-controlled ventilation and energy recovery systems. The presentation will provide a summary of current "best practices" outlining cost-effective methods for reducing energy use by as much as 50%. Real-world labs will be used as examples of successful application of these strategies. Attendees will leave with a good picture of state-of-the-art engineering design for sustainable, energy efficient laboratory facilities.