Trends in High-Bay Laboratory Space: The Extroverted Lab at the General Electric Global Research Center

Thursday, September 21, 11:30 - 12:30 PM

Focused on the oil and gas sector, the GE Global Research Center (GE GRC) in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma was completed in 2016 and is the newest of seven international research centers spread across four continents. The combined 3,000 GE engineers, scientists and researchers allows for leveraging GE’s global intellectual resources in partnership with their clients and academia to solve the most difficult technological challenges.

Capitalizing on a 130+ year tradition of innovation, forged by Thomas Edison, General Electric relies on the “blue coat” research laboratories to drive breakthroughs in their industry sector. With their latest Global Research Center, GE sought their unconventional, five-story-high research bays to serve as the building’s signature architectural design element. The GE GRC consists of three components: innovation, research and implementation. Within the 120,000 SF building, science and innovation are intramurally exposed through glass portals wrapping around the dynamic, high research bays and their 60’ and 400’ deep subsurface research test wells. Within a flexible plug and play laboratory, large oil field equipment can be manipulated in a controlled environment to simulate varied well conditions. Spaces typically accessible to a limited group of applied researchers and engineers are exposed to engage and inspire GE’s customers and employees.

Through diagrams and photography, the presentation will show how GE and the design team have bridged the gap between safety, security and access to allow the architecture of the building to highlight and feature technological solutions being developed within the GE GRC.