The DNA of Next Generation Lab Design

Wednesday, September 20, 11:30 - 12:30 PM

This session will present “the DNA of next generation lab design” to show our interdisciplinary, holistic approach and concept deriving from current and future lab typologies, identified key trends and a global knowledge transfer. Therefore we outline, compare and create relations between various aspects of future lab design referring to a longstanding, international best practice and to iconic, innovative lab design projects from all over the globe including Asia, Europe, Middle East and the US.

Presenting current and future lab typologies and the influence of global trends towards outstanding future lab design, we transfer identified success drivers and key learnings from excellent, iconic and innovative international lab design projects (e.g., “Lab of the Year” projects and other awarded projects) to a global expertise. As a key result, we present our development of our vision of “the DNA of next generation lab design.”

This interdisciplinary, holistic approach and the specific pillars of our underlying innovative concept are our main takeaways for the interested audience of lab designers, lab planners, researchers from different disciplines and institutional as well as industrial lab experts from all over the globe. Referring thereby to iconic, innovative lab design projects from Asia, Europe, Middle East and the U.S., we offer a variety of specific examples from every region of the world which will help the audience to better identify with and to find personal cultural, social and individual relation and linkage for fruitful, valuable discussions. In consequence, this presentation and the potential dialogue might contribute, evoke and accelerate the development of new exciting ideas for outstanding lab design projects—implementing innovation and market transfer within the whole sector and community of international lab design.